Magnus Business Gifts div. Macovil-Home nv wants to be sure that its relations with its customers are as smooth and as accurate as possible. We thus want to clearly inform you in advance about your and our rights and obligations. Read these general terms and conditions carefully: they apply to all agreements that you make with Magnus Business Gifts div. Macovil-Home nv.

Identification of the seller

Magnus Business Gifts div. Macovil-Home nv is hereinafter referred to as “Magnus Business Gifts”.
Leuvensesteenweg 248B, 1800 Vilvoorde (Belgium)
VAT BE 0400690469 – RPM Brussels
Company number: 0400690469
Tel. +32 2 251 89 66


These sales conditions apply to all products offered by Magnus Business Gifts. The customer must therefore be aware that, by logging into our website or by ordering one or more products, he or she agrees to these conditions that take precedence over any other conditions. Any derogations from these terms and conditions are only possible if there is an agreement with Magnus Business Gifts beforehand and expressly in writing. [Although these conditions and our websites can be consulted worldwide, our range of goods for private individuals is only intended for our customers who live in Belgium or the Netherlands.]


All gifts offered by Magnus Business Gifts are described as completely as possible and in good faith at Magnus Business Gifts’ website. Ordering can be done online via until stocks are exhausted. Shortly after submitting an order, the customer receives a written confirmation with the order number by email. The order number must be specified by the customer with any correspondence regarding the order.

When ordering, the customer must provide Magnus Business Gifts with all useful information that is requested. On request and if the customer can deliver his or her company details, he or she can receive an invoice by post free on orders over EUR 100. For orders under EUR 100, an administrative fee of EUR 20 shall be charged for producing the invoice. If the customer provides incorrect information and this leads to additional costs for Magnus Business Gifts, these costs may be charged.

If a gift that has been ordered is out of stock, we inform the customer as soon as possible and he or she has the right to cancel the order. Magnus Business Gifts cannot be held liable for damage that would result from the non-availability of a gift.

There is a valid agreement if Magnus Business Gifts receives confirmation of the order via its website and confirms the order by return. Magnus Business Gifts can however decide to subject the agreement to other or additional conditions or to refuse the order. This shall be the case, for example, with important orders where pre-payment can be requested, for orders made by minors, when the order form is incomplete or incorrect or when there were problems with previous orders (e.g. default), etc. The ordered goods shall only become the property of the customer once they have been paid in full. Except for consumers, the risk relating to the products ordered passes to the customer when they are shipped by Magnus Business Gifts.

Right of renunciation

In accordance with the provisions of Article 47 of the Law on Market Practices and Consumer Protection, the customer is entitled to cancel his or her purchase within 14 days of receipt without giving any reason and to receive a refund.

If the customer wishes to make use of this right, he or she must inform Magnus Business Gifts in writing. This can be done using the following return form.

The customer must also send the gifts back to us within 14 days in the same condition in which he or she received them and at his or her own expense. Upon receipt, Magnus Business Gifts shall refund the amount of the returned gifts within 14 days.

Magnus Business Gifts reserves the right not to refund returned gifts in part if the package has been opened or damaged.

In accordance with Article VI.53 of the Code of Economic Law, the customer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal for:

1° service contracts after full execution of the service if the performance has begun with the express prior consent of the customer, and provided the customer has acknowledged that the right of withdrawal is lost as soon as the company has fully executed the agreement; for such services, the customer expressly agrees by his or her order or purchase and the acceptance of current terms and conditions that the execution shall commence immediately after the conclusion of the agreement (and thus within the fundamental withdrawal period of 14 days after the day of the conclusion of the agreement), and he or she acknowledges that he or she shall lose his or her right of withdrawal once the company has fully executed the agreement;

2° the supply or provision of goods or services for which the price is dependent on fluctuations in the financial market which cannot be controlled by the company and which may occur within the withdrawal period;

3° the supply of goods made according to the customer’s specifications, or that are clearly intended for a specific person;

4° the supply of goods that are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly;

5° the supply of sealed goods which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons and were unsealed after delivery;

6° the supply of goods that for their nature are irreversibly mixed with other products;

7° the supply of alcoholic beverages of which the price has been agreed upon at the conclusion of the sales agreement, but of which the delivery can take place only after 30 days, and whose real value depends on fluctuations in the market which the company cannot affect;

8° agreements where the customer has specifically requested a visit from the company for the purpose of carrying out urgent repairs or maintenance; if, on the occasion of such visit, the company provides services in addition to those specifically requested by the customer or goods other than replacement parts necessarily used in carrying out the maintenance or in making the repairs, the right of withdrawal shall apply to those additional services or goods;

9° the supply of sealed audio or sealed video recordings or sealed computer software of which the seals were broken after delivery;

10° the supply of newspapers, periodicals or magazines with the exception of subscription contracts for the supply of such publications;

11° agreements that are concluded during a public auction;

12° the provision of accommodation other than for residential purpose, transport of goods, car rental services, catering or services related to leisure activities if the agreement provides for a specific date or period of performance;

13° the supply of digital content that has not been delivered on a tangible medium, if the performance has begun with the customer’s explicit prior consent and if the customer has acknowledged that he or she loses his or her right of withdrawal; for such agreements, by accepting the current terms and conditions, the customer expressly agrees that the execution shall commence immediately after the conclusion of the agreement (and thus within the fundamental withdrawal period of 14 days after the date of conclusion of the agreement), and hereby recognises that he or she loses his or her right of withdrawal;

14° agreements for betting and lottery services.

Our products and prices

All products offered by Magnus Business Gifts are described as completely as possible and in good faith. The offers and prices are inclusive of VAT and are valid on the day on which they are offered on our website or for the period mentioned in our online catalogue or on the gifts themselves. Magnus Business Gifts reserves the right to change the indicated prices and to correct any errors. Magnus Business Gifts cannot be held liable for any adverse effects of price adjustments, non-availability of products, printing errors in prices, conditions or descriptions.

Compliance and warranty

Magnus Business Gifts guarantees that the products and/or services comply with the agreement, the specifications stated in the offer, the reasonable requirements of soundness and/or usability and the legal provisions and/or government regulations existing on the date the agreement was concluded. An arrangement offered by the entrepreneur, manufacturer or importer as a guarantee does not affect the rights and claims that the consumer can assert against the entrepreneur in respect of a shortcoming in the fulfilment of the obligations of Magnus Business Gifts by virtue of the law and/or the conclusion of the agreement at a distance.

Specific terms and conditions

It is possible that on some of our products specific terms and conditions apply with regard to, among other things, the use, the applicable discount(s) or the period of validity. In that case, the customer shall be individually informed about this on the website of the supplier who proposes or offers the product. In that case, these specific terms and conditions take precedence over these general terms and conditions.


Magnus Business Gifts takes every precaution to guarantee safe payment with the credit card details of the customer. We use the Ingenico system for this.

As a consumer, the customer can pay for his or her orders via credit card (Visa or Mastercard), Maestro, or with a manual or online bank transfer.

Orders from Belgian and Dutch companies with a valid VAT number are delivered and invoiced after payment within seven days after a credit file has been approved by Magnus Business Gifts. If this payment term is exceeded, a default interest of 10% per annum shall apply by operation of law and without notice and the customer shall owe Magnus Business Gifts compensation equal to 10% of the amounts due with a minimum of EUR 125 per invoice, without prejudice to the right of Magnus Business Gifts to claim compensation for the actual damage suffered and the collection costs.

Shipping costs and delivery terms

Magnus Business Gifts sends the gifts as soon as the total amount of the gifts has been paid, or on the delivery date indicated in the order procedure. Magnus Business Gifts cannot be held responsible for any delays.

For the shipment of physical gifts, the customer shall pay a fee per shipment per country (see below). The order is delivered on the delivery date indicated in the ordering procedure. When the customer orders the chosen gifts, his or her package will be delivered via bPost within three weeks. However, this delivery time is only given for information. Magnus Business Gifts cannot be held responsible for any delays. It is possible that the order is sent in separate packages for technical and/or practical reasons; in that case, no extra costs are entailed. Of course, we do everything we can to ensure that all the offered and ordered products are immediately in stock and deliverable. If that should not be possible in exceptional cases, we inform the customer as soon as possible and he or she has the right to order another product or to cancel the order without any costs. However, the customer is not entitled to compensation and Magnus Business Gifts cannot be held liable for the adverse consequences that would result from a product not being in stock or deliverable.

We charge the following transport costs for the delivery of gifts:

Country Shipping costs
Belgium € 5,16 for an order <25.00€ (value of gifts). Delivery is free for an order of > 25€


Magnus Business Gifts respects the privacy of the customer and is very careful with personal information. The processing of this personal data is necessary for sending the order.

Only if the customer indicates at checkout that he or she wishes to be kept informed of news, offers and promotions, shall these data be used for commercial purposes, such as mailings.

Intellectual property rights

Magnus Business Gifts is the owner or licence holder of all copyrights, data files, applications, brands and other intellectual rights relating to its websites. Magnus Business Gifts is also the owner or licence holder of the structure, concept, layout and design of its websites. If someone wants to use, reproduce or in any way use the whole or a part of our websites for himself or herself or third parties, he or she needs the written approval of Magnus Business Gifts.


Cookies are small text files that contain information, such as the login or country settings of the internet user. They are tracked by the browser to improve ease of use: the customer does not always have to reset everything. If the customer disables the use of cookies in his or her browser, we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of our websites.

Limitation of liability

Although Magnus Business Gifts makes every effort to ensure that its websites and organisation work flawlessly, it cannot guarantee that they will function without interruption or error. Magnus Business Gifts is not liable for misunderstandings, delays or the improper transmission of orders and communication by using the internet, email or any other means of communication. Magnus Business Gifts thus gives no guarantee whatsoever regarding the data obtained when using its websites or the functioning of these websites. Magnus Business Gifts also rejects any liability with regard to the marketability of its products and their suitability for a particular purpose. Although Magnus Business Gifts pays the utmost attention to the choice of its commercial partners, it cannot be held liable for the course of the events, experiences or benefits obtained or enjoyed through our products, for which the initially providing or offering partner of Magnus Business Gifts remains fully responsible. Complaints regarding the processing of our gifts by our partners shall, of course, be investigated and conveyed by us. Our intervention in such disputes is therefore limited to a purely intermediary role. Magnus Business Gifts cannot be held liable for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting from the use of its websites or the products mentioned on it, except in cases of intent or gross negligence.


If the product that the customer receives is not the product that he or she ordered, or if it is damaged upon arrival, he or she can return it with an accompanying letter of explanation no later than within fourteen days following receipt, to the following address: Magnus Business Gifts, Leuvensesteenweg 248B, 1800 Vilvoorde, Belgium.

Magnus Business Gifts shall then send the customer the correct product as soon as the returned item has been received. Upon receipt, we shall check whether the code has already been used. If the code is found to be used, reimbursement is denied.

In addition to the internal procedure of the webshop in case of complaints, the customer can always contact BeCommerce and the European ODR platform. Click here for more information.

Loss or theft

If the customer does not receive the ordered product within a period of five days after the confirmation of the shipment by Magnus Business Gifts, he or she must immediately inform us of this in writing by post or email. Only in that case shall Magnus Business Gifts take charge of the loss of the product and send a new product.

These provisions naturally do not apply to professional customers who fall outside the scope of the Law of 14 July 1991 on commercial practices and consumer information and protection.

Magnus Business Gifts is not liable for damage, loss or theft of the gift voucher after delivery.

Applicable law – autonomy and amendments

Belgian law applies to all agreements with Magnus Business Gifts and only the courts of the judicial district of Ghent are applicable. If one or more parts of these terms and conditions are declared null and void and/or unenforceable, the other conditions shall remain in full force and the unenforceable or void provisions shall be replaced by the enforceable provision that most closely matches the underlying intention of the unenforceable provision. Magnus Business Gifts can change these terms and conditions at any time, with immediate effect and without prior notice.

Code of conduct

Magnus Business Gifts is a member of BeCommerce and therefore bound by the code of conduct of the BeCommerce quality label. Download the Download the BeCommerce code of conduct here.